Sanctioning system needs reconsideration: Iran’s envoy to UN


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Sanctioning system needs reconsideration: Iran’s envoy to UN PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 03 March 2011 16:04

New York, Dec 1, IRNA – The system of the United Nations sanction imposition needed reconsideration in order to put it in line with the UN Charter, Iran’s Ambassador to the United Nations Es'haq Al-Habib said Wednesday.

Criticizing the present mechanism for imposing the international body’s sanctions, Al-Habib told a UN meeting Wednesday evening that while according to the Article 24 of the UN Charter, all decisions in the Security Council should be made on behalf of its entire members, but in practice, most of its current decisions have not reflected the will of all its members.

Al-Habib added, in many cases, even non-permanent members of the council were not aware of the secret talks held by certain permanent members.
The Iranian envoy stressed that imposing repeated and unnecessary sanctions against certain states would weaken the credibility of both the UNSC and that of the decisions made by the council.
He added that the council’s failure in improving its decision making mechanism would lead to the reduction of international trust towards the body.

Al-Habib stressed that the UNSC performance should be based on transparency and justice.
He added that one of the major concerns about the council’s present performance was the over dependence of certain member states on the illegal use of force and threat against other member countries which would jeopardize international peace and stability and would also weaken the basic principles of the UN and those of the international



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